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In anticipation of the Department of Defense and other departments of the federal government efforts to reduce costs through reductions in excess infrastructure, The Principi Group was formed with the express purpose of assisting states and communities with military and federal installations and, public-private partnerships, with advance planning for another anticipated federal closure and realignment round. Also, the GSA is in process of selling off over 45,000 federal properties.

In view of this, the Chairman of the 2005 BRAC Commission, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi, has assembled a team of experts from past BRACs. These professionals have unequaled experience in every aspect of the BRAC process from the pre-BRAC through to the post-BRAC stages. Their collective knowledge cannot be duplicated. Mr. Principi is the recognized BRAC leader who has been called upon by the Congress, the Government Accountability Office and other government officials not only on military BRAC policies and processes, but also the Civilian Property Realignment Act aka the Civilian BRAC pending in Congress.

In addition to providing an assessment of each military installation to determine ithe strengths and weaknesses of its military value, The Principi Group possesses the government affairs experience and access to Congressional leaders and Defense Department officials to ensure that each installation’s military value is represented accurately and in a timely manner.

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